Pleasure Cooking the New Year  2018

Pleasure Cooking the New Year  2018

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Pleasure cooking the New Year  2018 does not mean cooking purely for the pleasure of eating some particular food items,. The pleasure of  cooking also comes from the knowledge that food contains nutrition, many different types of nutrition, and cooking food can release some particular type of nutrition for human health and and nutritional needs.

Far too often we get caught up in the necessity of cooking in order to eat and forget the absolute joy that can be found through the act of cooking. Of course this isn’t limited to stove top cooking. There are many men and women around the world who find baking to be an extremely pleasurable pastime in addition to traditional stove top cooking or even barbecuing on a grill. The main distinction occurs in how you perceive your cooking projects.

How Do Your View Cooking?

While this question is asked somewhat rhetorically, it is a question you should ask yourself and answer. Do you view cooking as a chore or duty or do you view it as a project? There is something much more exciting about embarking on a new project than getting around to a loathsome chore. If you do view cooking as a chore the more important question might be why?

Some common reasons that people dislike cooking include the following: lack of skill, lack of confidence, boredom, or you could simply dislike the inevitable clean up far more than you enjoy the process of cooking. For each of these, there are solutions if you are willing to make the effort.

A lack of skill when it comes to cooking can be easily corrected in most cases by taking a few cooking classes. Classes are offered for varying degrees of skill sets and are meant to help you develop your cooking talents while teaching you the basics of meal planning and preparation. You can increase your skills by taking more classes down the road.

While a lack of confidence is a little more difficult to address having a few ‘dinner parties’ in which your quests can compliment your culinary talents can often solve this particular dilemma. The key in this process is to plan your menu carefully and remain well within your comfort zone. You will be amazed at the wonderfully rich and delicious meals that can be prepared with very little effort if you are willing to sift through the recipe books in order to find them.

Boredom in the kitchen is perhaps one of the easiest problems to fix there is. The solution is exceedingly simple—find a challenge. Try cooking Thai or Indian cuisine. Try more difficult recipes. Try making only meals from scratch or simply try broadening your use of spices and seasonings. There are many things you can do in order to bring some excitement back into your kitchen. You may even discover hidden talents and tastes in the process.

There will always be clean up. My suggestion is to make a deal with either your partner or your children and they can draw straws over who cleans up. Of course if this won’t work in your family, you could always turn over a new leaf and clean as you go whenever possible. This makes the clean up process after dinner so much simpler to handle that it is well worth a few extra minutes during meal prep.

Cooking for pleasure is really the only way to cook. If you have difficulties when it comes to finding the enjoyment and entertainment value of cooking, perhaps it’s time you bring some fun back into your kitchen. If you’re barbecuing, put on some Jimmy Buffet and dance around your kitchen. If you’re cooking Italian find some nice Italian music to set the mood. Bring the fun back into your kitchen and you will find that cooking is a pleasure rather than a chore.

Happy New Year 2018

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Vitamins and Supplements for a Youthful Life

Vitamins and Supplements for a Youthful Life

Vitamins and supplements for a Youthful Life may be closer to home than many are willing to admit. At home as children there was a lot of emphasis placed on the quality and the nutritional content of the foods being served. But not all children are good listeners, and not always willing to accept the parental advice given, partly because children often live in an imaginary world, where imagination is every day reality. So how does information about nutrition fit into the world of imagination? One would need to paint pictures in order to communicate the true value of nutrition to human condition of well being and good health.

Vitamins and Supplements for a Youthful Life
Energy and Freedom

Vitamins and supplements for a Youthful Life explained

Vitamin E and Vitamin C have extraordinary anti-aging powers, but Beta Carotene is the one antioxidant that you can’t live without if you want to stay young. Beta Carotene, most commonly extracted from carrots, has extra antioxidant powers that fill in where other supplements like Vitamin E and Vitamin C leave off. In fact, Beta Carotene fixes a whole host of other problems including cancer, heart disease, cataracts and failing immunity. In other words, Beta Carotene supplements taken regularly can aid with curing many health problems.

Beta carotene can also be found in carrots, sweet potatoes, pumpkin, apricots and spinach, if you eat enough of these foods. If you don’t eat a lot of these fruits and vegetables, it’s best to take beta carotene supplements.

There are a lot of vitamins and supplements for youthful skin, but Beta Carotene supplements stand out above all the rest. Beta Carotene supplements keep skin younger by diffusing the youth-stealing free radicals that corrupt and destroy skin’s cell structures. Beta Carotene can also convert over to a type of Vitamin A once it is inside the body, which has anti-aging attributes of its own.

Beta Carotene supplements are also an essential antioxidant for fighting cancer. Study after study shows that people with high levels of Beta Carotene in their blood are about half as likely to get cancer as those who don’t. Beta Carotene specifically protects against cancers of the lungs, stomach, mouth, breast, and bladder. Beta Carotene is particularly helpful for smokers, who are four times less likely to develop certain lung cancers by maintaining high levels of Beta Carotene in their systems.

With long-term dosage, Beta Carotene supplements can ward off cardiovascular disease. Beta Carotene supplements taken regularly slows the progression of plaque buildup in the arteries and prevents them from getting clogged. Beta Carotene supplements taken regularly can also prevent strokes. However, it must be noted that no results are likely until Beta Carotene supplements are taken for at least two years. In order to remain effective, Beta Carotene supplements must always be taken. The Alliance for Aging Research recommends taking ten to thirty milligrams a day for life.

Healthy functioning of the immune system is one more benefit derived from taking Beta Carotene supplements. Those who take Beta Carotene supplements on a daily basis will have boosted levels of natural killer cells, T-helper cells, and activated lymphocytes. These immune cells are important in fighting cancer as well as viral and bacterial infections.

To make the power of Beta Carotene even stronger, it should be used with the other two incredible antioxidants, Vitamin C and Vitamin E. Used together, these three antioxidants are almost unstoppable when it comes to disease prevention. The combination of all three of these antioxidants is far better at slowing down the clogging and hardening of the arteries and thus, essentially better at preventing heart attacks and strokes. The power of three works the same way with cancer, with these three antioxidants becoming much more powerful when combined.

As you can see, Beta Carotene supplements do much more than give you younger looking skin. Over time, they can literally save your life. Again, it must be emphasized that the powers of Beta Carotene supplements can only be enjoyed with long term usage. Remember, the key word here is prevention. Beta Carotene is not a quick fix for any serious ailments and should not be substituted for real medicine. It must be used faithfully over time to achieve the incredible health benefits mentioned here.

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Vitamin E as a Supplement to Fight Aging

Vitamin E as a Supplement to Fight Aging

Vitamin E as a supplement to fight aging,  Vitamin E is an important fat-soluble antioxidant compound that aids the body in neutralizing the harmful after-effects of oxidation of fats. Spinach may not be your favorite vegetable, but it is one of the best leafy greens you can add to your everyday diet, not only is it one of the best calcium foods and naturally high in folate,  it’s also one of the best vitamin E foods as well. Just one cup of boiled spinach will provide you with approximately 20% of your daily needs.

Vitamin E as a supplement to fight aging

Vitamin E as a supplement to fight aging explained

Are you looking for a solution to fight the aging process? Vitamin E supplements have long been used to keep people feeling and looking younger. Vitamin E is the number one supplement that is universally accepted to fight aging above all other antioxidants. In fact, the anti-aging properties of Vitamin E supplements have become legendary among researchers worldwide. The claims of success with Vitamin E supplements to fight aging have become so strong, that some medical professionals feel that Vitamin E is the most important supplement consumers should take to fight the aging process.

But what makes Vitamin E supplements so powerful?

Vitamin E supplements fight the gradual clogging and hardening of the arteries, technically known as atherosclerosis. Atherosclerosis occurs mainly because bad-type LDL blood cholesterol is chemically altered by attacks from free radicals in the blood stream. This chemical alteration, or oxidation, makes this cholesterol able to enter the artery walls, where it becomes plaque. This plaque then builds up on the artery walls and eventually clogs and hardens the arteries. Vitamin E enters the LDL cholesterol molecule and prohibits it from oxidizing, thus preventing heart disease in older adults.

Vitamin E as a supplement to fight aging and vitamin E supplements also rejuvenate the immune system.

A university study on aging proves this point. A group of people over the age of sixty with poor immune systems were given Vitamin E for thirty days. The results were that their immune systems shot back up to almost the level of people in their twenties. This was an improvement of almost 80-90%. It is believed that this works because Vitamin E as a supplement helps guard the fat in the membranes of immune cells from being oxidized by free radial attacks. It must be noted that because the people in the study were not deficient in Vitamin E, it was the extra dose of Vitamin E from the supplements that caused the improvement in the test subject’s immune systems.

Because it stops the free radical chain reaction that destroys cells, Vitamin E supplements fight a lot of other illnesses caused by aging as well. Vitamin E also prevents cancer and blocks the growth of cancer cells and protects the brain from degenerative diseases. It relieves arthritis symptoms; fight cataracts, and helps with decreased blood flow to the arteries. Incredibly, Vitamin E supplements are almost a one-stop shop when it comes to fighting the aging process in the human body. Vitamin E can also be applied topically to the skin as well. Vitamin E creams and lotions have all kinds of healing and anti-aging properties to reduce the look of aging.

If you are suffering from any ailments caused by free radicals that are destroying healthy cells in your body, Vitamin E supplements may help stop this process. Studies show that as little as 100 IU’s of Vitamin E daily, in addition to the Vitamin E that you get from food can produce measurable results. However, in order to see real benefits, the daily dosage should be at least 400 IU’s on a daily basis. This seems to be the agreed upon amount of Vitamin E needed to effectively tackle the free radicals that may be destroying healthy cells. Studies further show that it appears safe to take up to 800 IU’s of Vitamin E a day for this purpose. However, like any alternative medication, it is important to check with a doctor before you take any dosage of Vitamin E to fight free radicals in your bloodstream to fight aging.

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Vitamin C as a Supplement to Prevent Illness

Vitamin C as a Supplement to Prevent Illness

Vitamin C as a supplement to prevent illness is a real fact, there are many conditions that the human physical body can get attacked by, one protection against illness is to use vitamins, minerals and nutrients to fight off bugs and illness.

Vitamin C supplements are probably the best way to prevent common illnesses like colds and the flu. However, what most people don’t know is that Vitamin C supplements can also help with other serious illnesses like cancer, lung disease and heart disease. In fact, new studies from many of the leading medical institutions in the world continually indicate that Vitamin C, even in low doses, can give your life expectancy a major boost.

Vitamin C as a Supplement to Prevent Illness

Vitamin C as a supplement to prevent illness explained

Most people may think that they get enough Vitamin C from the foods that they eat like vegetables and fruits, but they don’t. In fact, one quarter of Americans don’t get the recommended daily amount of 60 milligrams of Vitamin C that their cells need to perform basic bodily functions. The National Cancer Center urges people to eat at least five servings of fruits and vegetables daily, which would supply from 200 to 300 milligrams of Vitamin C; but only 9% of the American population accomplishes this. So, there are millions of people who are leaving themselves open to the possibility of illnesses that could be prevented by Vitamin C supplements.

Vitamin C as a supplement to prevent illness

Vitamin C as a supplement to prevent illness and to cleanse with aantioxidants

Vitamin C supplements are potent, water-soluble antioxidants that trap and disarm free radicals in the watery part of your body’s tissue. Vitamin C supplements also work to help replenish Vitamin E and help enzymes to destroy other free radicals in your system. Free radicals are the toxic molecules that eat away at healthy cells and turn them defective, which over time can cause more serious diseases like cancer.


Vitamin C as a supplement to prevent illness and cancer

Over one hundred and twenty studies show that Vitamin C supplements work as a form of immunization against cancer. It was found that people who consistently took Vitamin C supplements were only half as likely to develop cancer as those who didn’t. Vitamin C supplements were found to be particularly effective on cancers of the stomach, esophagus, pancreas, cervix, rectum, and breast. To effectively prevent cancer, doctors in one study recommended taking 2,000 to 3,000 milligrams of Vitamin C supplements per day. This is far above the suggested daily dose recommended by the National Cancer Center, so anyone attempting this kind of regimen should talk to their doctor first.

Vitamin C supplements taken on a daily basis can prevent other kinds of conditions like heart disease. The correct doses can suppress high blood pressure, raise good-type HDL cholesterol, clean deposits form artery walls, and reduce the chances of heart-attack-inducing vascular spasms. Vitamin C supplements taken on a regular basis can also reduce breathing problems like asthma, prevent periodontal disease, and improve the immune system.

Improving the immune system is the first thing that comes to mind for most people when they think about taking Vitamin C supplements. Of course Vitamin C supplements do a great job of this, in addition to working on all of the other maladies they prevent. The way that Vitamin C supplements work with your immune system is to gear up your body to fight infectious bacteria and viruses. Vitamin C supplements do this by boosting the white blood cells and raising the body’s level of antioxidants. Taking 500 milligrams of Vitamin C supplements per day during flu and cold season may prevent or at least lessen the likelihood of being ill during this time.

Vitamin C supplements work on so many levels to prevent disease. Although Vitamin C may be plentiful in the foods that you eat, it’s really the supplements that put you over the top when it comes to preventing disease and increasing the length and quality of life. In fact, Vitamin C supplements have been shown to help people who take them live about 6.3 years longer.

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Using Vitamin B as a Supplement

Using Vitamin B as a Supplement

Using vitamin B as a supplement is very common practice with busy people concerned about their nutrition quality and intake. There are two B vitamins in particular that can prevent illnesses and help you lead a healthier life. These are vitamin B12 and vitamin B6. While many people are aware of the positive benefits of vitamins C and E, less people know about the strength of these two B vitamins. However, the amazing thing about these two B vitamins is that they are now being proven to help specifically prevent deterioration of both your brain and your immune system. So vitamin B12 and vitamin B6 are definitely two supplements that will compliment the other vitamins you may be taking.

Using Vitamin B as a Supplement

Using vitamin B as a supplement explained

This is especially true when it comes to brain function. As you age, your stomach progressively secretes fewer acids that are necessary to absorb vitamin B12 from food into your system. A vitamin B12 deficiency can develop over the years and may start affecting the brain and the nervous system. If this occurs, dementia and other psychiatric disorders are likely to be the result. Since recent studies have shown that at least 20% of people over 60 are not getting enough B12, this may be cause for concern to older people. The sooner a B12 deficiency is detected, the better. Delaying treatment for even a year can mean permanent damage if neurological symptoms show up.

Using Vitamin B as a Supplement

Using Vitamin B as a Supplement for everyday health

Vitamin B12 supplements are important to take because even with less stomach acid, the crystalline form of vitamin B12 can still be absorbed into the system at a regular rate. Since vitamin B12 deficiencies can start as early as 30, there’s no reason not to take a B12 supplement or a multivitamin if you aren’t eating healthy. As far as foods go, Vitamin B12 can only be found in animal foods such as meat, chicken, fish, and dairy products. So vegetarians should be especially aware of their vitamin B12 intake and learn more about the benefits of these supplements.

Unlike B12, vitamin B6 is stronger on the immune system. Vitamin B6 is good for raising the levels of T-cells, T-helper cells, and antibodies: all disease fighting substances of the immune system. Incredibly though, a lack of vitamin B6 intake is even more widespread than B12. Americans actually take in 50-75% less than the recommended dietary allowance of B6, which can lower the production of antibodies necessary for the immune system to function properly. Even more alarming is that as people near age forty, the body begins to absorb vitamin B6 less efficiently, further lowering levels of B6.

If you don’t get enough B6, you may be more vulnerable to other medical conditions as well. Besides a failing immune system, you may also suffer form a declining mental status, compromised heart health, and maybe even cancer. Vitamin B6 supplements can help fight against enzymes that can destroy blood vessels. Vitamin B6 supplements have also been proven to improve long term memory and slow down age-related memory decline.

Using Vitamin B as a Supplement and Multivitamins

Thankfully, the right amount of vitamins B12 and B6 are found in a standard multivitamin. If you are under 40, typically this dosage should correct any vitamin B deficiencies. There’s no guarantee, but 6 micrograms of B12 and 3 milligrams of Vitamin B6 should be enough to correct any vitamin B deficiency. If you are over 40 and suffering a deficiency, a higher dosage is recommended. There is no danger in high doses when taking B vitamins; however, when taking any supplement for medical reasons, you should always consult a doctor.

With vitamin B6 and B12 so easy to get in a multivitamin, it is one of the supplements that you don’t have to worry about taking. This makes vitamin B12 and vitamin B6 two of the most helpful and accessible supplements on the market today.

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Using Fish Oil as a Supplement

Using Fish Oil as a Supplement

Using fish oil as a supplement is  a practical solution for busy people that may not have the time to prepare fish for breakfast, lunch or dinner.  This is where the practical use of fish oil capsules really shines.

There is no question that people who eat more than eight ounces of fish per week live longer and healthier lives than those who don’t. Study after study shows that fish eaters are more likely to avoid illnesses like heart disease, cancer, arthritis, diabetes, and psoriasis much more than people who only eat one serving of fish per week or less. It has been noted that the Japanese, who hold the world’s record for longevity, eat three times more fish than people in many other countries.

Using fish oil as a supplement

Using fish oil as a supplement explained

So what about those of us who don’t get enough fish in our diets? The prognosis isn’t great. Non-fish eaters run a thirty percent higher risk of contracting serious illnesses like heart disease and cancer. This is not good news for people who don’t like fish or want to eat it. However, you don’t have to like to eat fish to enjoy its benefits. As far as vitamins and supplements go, people who take regular doses of fish oil capsules get similar benefits to those people who eat fish 3 times a week.

Using fish oil as a supplement for Omeaga 3

Most of the benefits derived from fish oil supplements are from their high content of omega 3 fatty acids. Omega 3 fatty acids discourage the formation of hormone-like agents called prostaglandins. Prostaglandins are the perpetrators that destroy arteries and joints and also encourage cancer. One of the ways that fish oil supplements get rid of prostaglandins is by replacing the harmful omega 6 fatty acids that are probably already in your system.

Using fish oil as a supplement for Omeaga 6

Omega 6 fatty acids come from vegetable oils like corn oil that are in fried foods. If you eat a lot of corn oil or other vegetable oils, fish oil supplements are needed to get rid of the free radicals and prostaglandins these vegetable oils are creating in your body. Please note that olive oil is different because it contains omega 3 fatty acids and is a healthy compliment to fish oil capsules. Taking olive oil and Vitamin E along with fish oil supplements is a healthy way to get rid of the Omega 6 fatty acids if you over-consume vegetable oils like corn oil.

Using fish oil as a supplement

The benefits of taking fish oil supplements are significant. Taking fish oil supplements on a regular basis can reduce the risk of heart attacks significantly. Fish oil supplements keep the arteries from aging and also keep them less clogged. Fish oil supplements can also ward off Type II diabetes, theoretically by helping prevent glucose intolerance. One study shows that people who consumed more fish oil supplements had half the risk of experiencing a stroke, due to thinner blood and fewer blood clots. Daily doses of fish oil supplements have also been proven to decrease the risk of colon cancer, breast cancer and lung cancer by suppressing abnormal cell growth significantly.

Having more fish oil in your system will provide more health benefits in the long run. However, if you don’t like eating fish, fish oil supplements are a satisfactory substitute. Researchers seem to agree that it’s best to take about 1,000 milligrams of fish oil supplements per day if you want to help prevent illnesses like heart disease or high cholesterol. If you want to take any more fish oil than this, you will need to get a doctor’s advice.

Of the many vitamins and supplements available, fish oil supplements seem to correct the health problems of people who do not like to eat fresh fish or do not have it readily available. Fish oil supplements are a convenient way to get all of the value of the Omega 3 fatty acids without having to go through the trouble of buying and preparing fresh fish.

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Introduction to Vitamins and Supplements

Introduction to Vitamins and Supplements

Introduction to vitamins and supplements article is a quick entry point for those that have not considered the supplement issue before, or if it has been some time and they have forgotten the most important facts about vitamins and supplements.

If you haven’t ever used vitamins or supplements to increase the nutrients you get on a daily basis, finding the vitamins you need to take can be confusing. Deciding which vitamins or supplements to take or how much will be helpful to your health is a difficult decision because there are so many brands available these days. The quality of these vitamins and supplements is also hard to measure because so many of the brands may be unfamiliar to the average consumer. So, the best way to start learning about the vitamins and supplements that may be beneficial to your health is to simply start reading about them.

Introduction to Vitamins and Supplements

Introduction to Vitamins and Supplements explained

Vitamins and supplement are nutritional enhancements that include a wide variety of products and are available at almost any store. Generally, vitamins and supplements are classified as items for consumption that are composed of, derived from, or byproducts of foods that are considered to provide a multitude of health benefits. This definition also includes vitamins and supplements that are synthetically manufactured to recreate the same properties of these food derivatives. The health benefits of vitamins and supplements are based on uses in both traditional medicine and modern research.

Introduction to vitamins and supplements to cure ailments

Vitamins and supplements can be used for a variety of purposes. The can be high in certain nutrients, may used to cure a specific ailment, or be taken for an overall increase in general health. While most vitamins are trusted for their health benefits, you have to be careful that you don’t raise your expectations too high when you start taking them. This is because some manufacturers make false claims as to how helpful their vitamins and supplements will be. Remember that while vitamins and supplements can benefit your health in many ways, they aren’t necessarily miracle cures. If a manufacturer makes claims that seem too good to be true, they probably are.

Vitamins come in every shape and form including tablets, capsules, powders, liquids, jellies, creams, wafers, etc. Because vitamins and supplements are essentially derived from food, their potency and shelf life will vary. Always check the expiration date before buying any vitamins or minerals. Also, look at the way the product has been stored on the shelf. What kind of packaging is it in? Is it stored in direct sunlight or under fluorescent lighting? Is the store cooled and heated properly? All of these factors will affect the potency of the vitamins or supplements you would like to purchase. So make sure that the vitamins you buy are stored correctly.

If you don’t understand how to use a particular vitamin or supplements, ask some the specific question. The person at the store where you are buying your vitamins and supplements may just be a clerk and have no working knowledge of what they are selling; so you may have to ask a friend or your doctor about the effect of certain vitamins. If you don’t have anyone to ask, you will have to rely on the product labeling and the information that you find on the internet or local library to answer your questions. Make sure to take a dosage of the vitamin or supplement that will be effective for your intended purposes, but make sure that you do not take too high of a dosage. Vitamin and supplements in large doses can be harmful. Also, find out if the vitamins that you are going to be taking will interfere with any other medication you might already be taking.

Introduction to vitamins and supplements credibility

You may be uncomfortable taking vitamins and supplements at first, and you may not get the same effect from them right away as you would from traditional medicine. This is perfectly normal. The positive effect of vitamins and supplements happens gradually; unlike traditional medication, which can have an immediate effect. Also, if you tell someone that you are taking a vitamin or supplement for an illness, they might not understand why you are not taking medication. The main thing to remember is that whether you take vitamins and supplements for general health or specific reasons, stay educated on the positive effects they can have on your health and on your quality of life.

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Annual Festivals and Events in Paris France

Annual festivals and events in Paris France

Annual festivals and events in Paris France article post is a guide that can help you plan your visit to France at a time that enables you time your trip to take part in festivities that you are interested in.

Are you planning a trip to Paris France?

If you have yet to decide on a date of travel and have flexibility, you should first familiarize yourself with some of Paris’s annual festivals. These festivals come in a number of different formats and a wide range of themes, but they always make for a day or night full of fun! Even if you have already booked your travel plans, there may be a scheduled event that awaits you.

Annual festivals and events in Paris France

On New Years, you will find a lot happening in Paris. Fireworks and sparklers are available for sale, legally, in France, so you are sure to get an eyeful. Not only that, but an extravagant celebration takes place at the Eiffel Tower. The fireworks will leave you breathless. For one of the best views of the fireworks and for an evening full of fun, travel to the famous avenue of Champs Elysees. Also, on New Years Day, you will find the annual Paris Parade Festival.

On the 21st of every June, you will find the Fete de la Musique. It is a popular music street festival. You will see hundreds of musicians playing a wide range of music in the streets, on the sidewalks, and in local eateries. If that didn’t sound enticing enough, most events are free of charge.

In the United States, July 4th is Independence Day. Similar in nature, you will find Bastille Day in Paris. Bastille Day, held on July 14th each year and it symbolizes the French storming the prison of Bastille in 1789. This is considered the start of the French Revolution. Since Bastille Day is similar in nature to Independence Day, you will find festive celebrations that include fireworks and other patriotic events.

Annual festivals and events in Paris France – Tour de France.

Also in the month of July, you will find the Tour de France. The route for this world-renowned bike race does vary, but the final stage is always at the Champs Elysees. It has been the final stage since 1975. Residents and tourists line the street and you can too.

In summer, either in July or August, you will find the Paris Plage, also know as Paris Beach. Since 2002, three spots in Paris have been transformed into beaches for residents and tourists to enjoy. The most popular location is that along the right side of the Seine River. Sunbathing, swimming, and kayaking are just a few of the many activities you can enjoy at this annual event.

The 3rd weekend of every September, you will find the Festival d’Automne. This festival in unique in that it allows residents and visitors to explore buildings that are typically off-limits to the public. One of those buildings is where the president resides, at Palais de l’Elysee.

In October, you will find the Nuit Blanche, which is also known as White Night. This event is scheduled annually in October. It gives residents and tourists the opportunity to see the museums of Paris like they have never before, at night. Many museums install lights and use other special effects to make your visit even more unique and intriguing. Museums taking part in Nuit Blanche waive admission fees for the evening.

In December, Paris comes alive for the holidays. It is hard to pinpoint one specific annual event, as there are so many. One noteworthy annual event is that of ice skating. Multiple outdoor ice-skating rinks are setup around the city of Paris in the month of December. Most have free admission, but will charge you a small skate rental fee. Paris is also known for its holiday lights. Displays can be found at the Cathedrale of Notre-Dame de Paris, Rue Mouffetard, and at Champs-Elysees, just to name a few.

The above mentioned annual Paris France festivals are just a few of the many that take place each year. These festivals and scheduled events are known for their size and popularity. You can find smaller festivals, including celebrations of music and art, throughout the year just by taking a stroll through the City of Paris.

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Planning a Honeymoon in Paris France

Planning a Honeymoon in Paris France

Planning a honeymoon in Paris France does require the right information and organizational skills to make it happen. Are you in the process of planning your wedding? If so, you will soon reach the honeymoon planning stage. When you do, you may find yourself leaning towards Paris. Paris France is a great destination for honeymoons. After all, it is commonly referred to as the “City of Love.”

If you have selected Paris as your next honeymoon destination, there are a number of planning steps you need to take. These planning and preparation steps, are few of which are outlined below, can help to ensure you have a picture perfect honeymoon.

Planning a Honeymoon in Paris France

Planning a Honeymoon in Paris France 1 – Obtain Valid Passports

If you are traveling to Paris from the United States, a valid passport is required. You and your partner must have passports. Unfortunately, this is not always something that can be left until the last minute. It can take up to two months for you to receive your ordered passport, so do so early on. Don’t wait until the last minute to learn that you and your partner do not have the needed documents to enter France.

Planning a Honeymoon in Paris France 2 – Make Your Airline Reservations

The next step in planning a Paris honeymoon is to book your airline reservations. When doing so, try to be flexible with your travel dates and times. Many airlines charge less when you depart during the week. The cost of travel is slowly starting to decline, but the largest costs are associated with fees. Some online travel websites charge you the same amount in fees as they do for your airline tickets, so compare rates to find the best deals.

If traveling to Paris from the United States, a long flight is required. To prevent this flight from negatively impacting your honeymoon, opt for an overnight flight. An overnight flight allows you to rest and sleep on the way. When you arrive in Paris, you may need a few hours to adjust, but you should have most of the day to enjoy.

Planning a Honeymoon in Paris France 3 – Choose Your Overnight Accommodations Wisely

The next step in planning a Paris honeymoon involves making your overnight accommodation reservations. When doing so, you will notice many familiar hotels in Paris, including Marriott, Best Western, Hilton, and Holiday Inn. Yes, you may opt for these hotels, due to their familiarity, but you may miss an amazing opportunity. That opportunity is true Paris hotels, also known as luxury hotels.

In and around Paris, you have hundreds of hotels and resorts to choose from. A few that come highly rated and recommended include the Hotel Ritz, Hotel le Bristol, Au Grand Hotel Francais, Elysees Union Hotel, and the Hotel De Crillon.

When selecting your Paris hotel, remember your goal of romance. A honeymoon is supposed to be romantic, so choose a hotel that lets you achieve it. Look for those with room service, honeymoon suites, hot tubs, and other onsite amenities.

4 – Research Paris Activities and Attractions

What is nice about honeymooning in Paris France is there is so much for you and your new spouse to do. In fact, you could easily get off the plane, start traveling, and run into many well-known attractions. With that said, there are benefits to preplanning portions of your trip. To do so, you will want to research popular Paris attractions and activities online.

Remember, your main goal for your honeymoon should be partaking in romantic activities. The good news is that this is easy in Paris. As previously stated, Paris is known as the “City of Love.” For all travelers, especially those on honeymoons, a stop at the Eiffel Tower is a must. Other attractions that may be of interest to you include the Louvre, the Arc de Triomphe, and the Cathedrale of Notre Dame de Paris.

The above mentioned steps are steps that you should take when planning a Paris honeymoon. Although Paris is a city that seems as if it was meant for lovers, there are still benefits to preplanning your trip. After all, you want your honeymoon to be picture perfect, don’t you? So, why not take steps to ensure it is.

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5 Ways to Detox Your Body

5 Ways to Detox Your Body

5 Ways to detox your body so that the body is given a break and letting it run on idle for a time.  By letting the body systems to run on idle speed is letting it to rest, especially if the person has time put aside to meditate and to cease from excessive physical activities.

Do you feel tired, sluggish, or just plain unhealthy? If so, the answer to your problems may lay in a body detox, also commonly known as a body cleanse. With a cleanse, you allow your body to expel the potentially harmful toxins it has accumulated throughout the years. The end result should be an improvement in your health and overall well being.

5 Ways to Detox Your Body

So, how can you cleanse or detoxify your body? The good new is your options, as you have many. Just five of the many ways that you can detoxify your body are outlined below.

5 Ways to detox your body 1 – Eat Organic Foods

Toxins accumulate in our bodies for various reasons, but one main reason is all the unnatural foods we ingest. Many of today’s popular products, including foods, snacks, and drinks, are ridden with unnatural chemicals. Even with a healthy digestive system, not all of these toxins can be eliminated. That is why a cleanse is recommended on occasion.

Since the main cause of toxin buildup in our bodies is the unnatural foods we consume, the easiest way to detoxify your body is to make the switch to organic foods. With all natural ingredients, you are taking a break from the chemical and additive ridden foods currently on the market today.

When eating organic foods, it is best if you make the full-time switch to all-natural foods, but even just a few weeks or months of consuming organic only foods can help to improve your health.

5 Ways to detox your body 2 – Water Fasting

Water fasting is a relatively quick way to detox your body, but it is an approach that many people find difficult. This is due to the elimination of solid foods. On average, a fast can last three to five days. Any longer should be under the guide of a trained medical professional, as you may put your health at risk.

A water fast is popular due to your ability to lose weight. If you do not eat solid foods, calories are not an issue. This will automatically result in weight loss. With that said, know that your weight loss will likely just be temporary. When you resume eating, you will start to gain weight. To maintain a healthy weight, stick with healthy foods.

5 Ways to detox your body 3 – Juice Fasting

Juice fasting is similar to water fasting; only juice is consumed. On the market, you will find a number of all-natural juices. These juices are made without sugar and other unnatural additives. You can also make your own juices at home with a juicer. This approach is nice, as it allows you to experiment and find the best tasting juices.

Juice fasting has the same dangers as water fasting, as you are not consuming solid foods. That is why extended juice fasts are advised against. It is, however, the perfect alternative for those who fear that the tastelessness of water can ruin their fast.

5 Ways to detox your body 4 – Increase Fiber Intake

Fiber is important to a healthy digestive system. Since many studies have shown that most do not consume the recommended daily dose of fiber, it is no surprise that many experience a buildup of toxins in their bodies. That is why foods that are high in fiber are recommended. It is best to get your fiber through foods, such as raspberries, as opposed to fiber supplements.

By increasing your fiber intake, you should notice an improvement in your digestive system and regularity. This may be enough to please you. If you truly want to cleanse your body, it is best to combine fiber with healthy or all-natural, organic foods.

5 – Exercise

Unfortunately, when many individuals think of expelling toxins from the body, the bathroom automatically comes to mind. Yes, this is the most common way to detox the body, but the human body also does so through sweating. For that reason, exercise can help you detox your body.

As with increasing your fiber intake, exercise is recommended with healthy eating. On the other hand, exercising and water or juice fasting does not go hand-in-hand. When on a fast, you will notice a temporary decrease in energy, due in part to the elimination of solid foods. You need to conserve your energy; therefore, strenuous exercise is not recommended while on a juice or water fast.

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